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Rice, in Sri Lanka, is almost sacred and the relationship to it, spiritual. The majority of the populace consume rice in some form, three times a day. Hiru produces the highest quality, and widest of rice varieties in Sri Lanka. Our rice products include a range of Parboiled, Steamed and Raw rice varieties and in the coming year Hiru will be introducing an array of fortified rice products to the local market using patented technology, approved and complying with World Food Program standards.
Red Nadu Red Nadu

Red Nadu is the most popular Sri Lankan red rice. The kernel is rich in Anthocyanin an anti-oxidant. Red Nadu also has a high vitamin and mineral content. The GI value of the rice is low.

Nutrition facts
Crude Protein % 8
Crude Fat % 2.8
Crude Fiber % 0.8
Iron (ppm) 4-7
Zinc (ppm) 14-18
Starch % 77
Available vitamins Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin E

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