Founded over a decade ago by Ananda Hettiarachchi, Hiru Rice is one of the leading rice dealers in Sri Lanka. Rice of the highest quality and widest range is produced at our mill. Using the latest available technology and the highest standards of quality assurance, Hiru not only produce traditional rice varieties but, are also pioneers in the field of nutritionally fortified rice producers in Sri Lanka. This new product will be available to consumers in the coming year.



Consumer satisfaction underpins all that we do. Hiru is constantly improving the taste, nutritional value and range of our products while honouring the age-old  paddy farming in Sri Lanka. High standards of production and quality assurance personify our company. We continually improve upon and implement environmentally sustainable practices in our operations. Achieving our objectives would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and dedication of our farmers and workforce, the heart of our company and community.



Nurtured by Kings and rulers for over 2500 years, traditional paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka goes back to earlier than 500 BC. One of the most complex systems of irrigation in the ancient world, it watered the rice fields of ancient Sri Lanka and was famed as the ‘Granary of the East’.

The Hettiarachchi family is proud to continue this Polonnaruwa tradition of feeding the nation by producing the widest range, and the highest quality of rice in Sri Lanka



As a family owned business based in Polonnaruwa, our connection to our roots, our community, culture and environment gives substance and form to Hiru Rice.

The technical superiority of our production methods, our innovative products, customer relations, employee relations and our community based CSR policy attest to a company that is all about
being the best. Investing and innovating to improve the taste, freshness and quality of the treasured traditional rice varieties in Sri Lanka is at the heart of all that we do.



As a revolutionary Sri Lankan rice manufacturer, the Hettiarachchi family is invested and involved in overseeing all aspects of the processing, packaging, marketing and quality assurance of all Hiru products. We work closely with our R&D team to ensure compliance to the highest standards possible. We not only value our technological superiority but also the superiority of our workforce and farmers who strive, unfailingly, to deliver the best harvest possible. We at Hiru, strive to ensure their betterment and prosperity.

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